Tired of the Mac Dock? Replace it with a powerful taskbar for $15

Some folks just don’t like the Dock on their Mac. It’s a bit awkward and it’s it’s hard to tell what you have open without pressing the Dashboard button. That’s tedious and can interrupt workflow like nobody’s business. But you would never switch to a PC because blech. So wouldn’t it be great if you could have your cake and eat it too?

uBar 4 is your answer to your taskbar workflow problems on your Mac. It’s a powerful and intuitive taskbar that replaces your Mac Dock with a toolbar that looks a little more like what you’d see on a Windows PC. You can customize uBar to your heart’s content and then see all of your open windows in one convenient location. Best of all, you can get it for 50% at iMore Digital Offers at just $14.99 (regular retail is $30).

Find out why folks at Google, Facebook, HP, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more use uBar to keep productive and make their Mac experience that much more intuitive. uBar 4 lets you add favorites, including apps, folders, and favorites to the favorites area, and you can pin and unpin uBar to any corner of the screen. It even lets you see track position in media players like iTunes, allowing you to quickly check on things and go back to work without interrupting your whole screen for Dashboard or clicking through the dock to see. uBar 4 also analyzes the CPU and memory usage of each app so you can always make sure you’re running optimally for the task at hand.

If you’d prefer to keep productive and are a bit weary of your Mac Dock, check out uBar 4 at iMore Digital Offers for only $14.99 and save 50%.

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